Platinum PLUS+ Membership

1 YEAR of Premium-PLUS+ Membership ($200)

  • 3 One Hour Consultations (Assessment, Intellectual Property & Marketing)
  • One CAD Drawing of Inventor’s Product
  • Monthly "R U Ready To Deal" Meetings (FREE ADMISSION)
  • Monthly "Inventing with Smart Technology” Meetings (FREE ADMISSION)
  • Annual Conference (FREE ADMISSION)
  • Online Video Library (UNLIMITED ACCESS)
  • Creditable service providers (DISCOUNTED RATES)
  • Networking with experienced inventors and like-minded people.

Platinum PLUS+ Membership includes these courses

FREE Advice From Your Friendly Neighborhood Lawyer
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Inventing In An Ever Changing World
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Learn Insider Secrets On How To Get Your Ideas On “As Seen on TV”
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Have A Million Dollar Idea - What's Next?
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Creating A Great Mobile User App
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Developing Your Million Dollar Idea
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