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Darren Guccione - Keeper Security, LLC.

Inventing In An Ever Changing World

Louis Foreman - Edison Nation

Have A Million Dollar Idea - What's Next?

Dave Mierke - AKTA

Creating A Great Mobile User App

Carl Dumele - Newovo Plastics

Developing Your Million Dollar Idea

Stephen Key - InventRight

How To Sell Your Idea With Or Without A Patent

Richard Stockton (Banner & Witcoff) & Mary Anne Smith (Kent Law School - Patent Hub Pro Bono Program)

Patents 101

Andrea Hence Evans - Andrea Hence Evans, LLC

Trademarks & Branding

Edward Manzo

How NOT To Give Away Your Intellectual Property!

Amir Azaran - Loeb & Loeb

IoT Protection & Infringement Issues

Jonny Carpenter - Networked Insights

Digital & Social Media Analytics

Haley Taylor (Kickstarter), Tracy Powell (Blue Fund) & Kate Drane (Indegogo)

Crowdfunding Strategies For Funding Your Product