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Attorney Paul Manion

FREE Advice From Your Friendly Neighborhood Lawyer

Louis Foreman - Edison Nation

Have A Million Dollar Idea - What's Next?

Dave Mierke - AKTA

Creating A Great Mobile User App

Carl Dumele - Newovo Plastics

Developing Your Million Dollar Idea

Stephen Key - InventRight

How To Sell Your Idea With Or Without A Patent

Richard Stockton (Banner & Witcoff) & Mary Anne Smith (Kent Law School - Patent Hub Pro Bono Program)

Patents 101

Andrea Hence Evans - Andrea Hence Evans, LLC

Trademarks & Branding

Edward Manzo

How NOT To Give Away Your Intellectual Property!

Amir Azaran - Loeb & Loeb

IoT Protection & Infringement Issues

Jonny Carpenter - Networked Insights

Digital & Social Media Analytics

Haley Taylor (Kickstarter), Tracy Powell (Blue Fund) & Kate Drane (Indegogo)

Crowdfunding Strategies For Funding Your Product

Arnold Kasemsarn

Learn How To Profitably Price Your Product

Amy Hermalik

Learn How To Leave Nothing On The Table When Negotiating Your Product or Services