Creating A Great Mobile User App

Creating A Great Mobile User App

taught by Dave Mierke - AKTA

Course description

According to Dave Mierke, "Great experiences don't just happen, no matter how great the idea is." That's why, in this video you'll receive a better understanding of how IoT (Internet of Things) is impacting the development of new products, services & beyond!

Dave Mierke -  AKTA
Dave Mierke - AKTA

Dave Mierke is a Senior Design Researcher at Salesforce Experience Design group, formally known as AKTA. His primary focus is on uncovering latent user needs to help executives gain a clearer understanding of strategic business goals and develop strategic and tactical actions for projects.

Dave is known as a researcher and relentless creative with a primary focus on helping executives gain a clear understanding of business goals, uncovering latent user needs, and developing actionable and strategic clarity to various projects. He has helped enhance, redesign, and uncover new opportunities for small startups to large corporations such as P&G, Home Depot, BMW, Kohler, Lowe's, Exelon, Whirlpool, New York Red Bulls, DeVry University, Motorola and several others.

The "what" is not as important as the "why" and translating what a user does into a successful, viable product or experience is what pushes me forward. Always satisfied, never content. ~ D. Mierke

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Creating A Mobile App
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