Developing Your Million Dollar Idea

Developing Your Million Dollar Idea

taught by Carl Dumele - Newovo Plastics

Course description

Watch Carl Dumele, who specializes in developing prototypes with connectors and sensors for small businesses and independent inventors, address the necessary steps independent inventor entrepreneurs need to take to develop their inventions.

Carl Dumele -  Newovo Plastics
Carl Dumele - Newovo Plastics

As the President and CEO for Newovo Plastics, Carl Dumele brings 20 years of executive level decision making to the company. His previous experience working within fortune 500 companies has exposed him to various aspects of business management; from managing staff personnel, creating production processes, to implementing and developing start-up companies. His entrepreneurial spirit has resulted in many profitable ideas as well as cost cutting strategies that have allowed several companies to prosper. Newovo Plastics is a full-service shop staffed with skilled innovators who can convert your simple ideas, napkin sketches and drawings into a 3D rendering (CAD file). Services include 3D Printing prototypes as well as custom production molds using Thermoplastic micro-injection machinery to bring your idea into production.

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Developing Your Million Dollar Idea
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