Digital & Social Media Analytics

Digital & Social Media Analytics

taught by Jonny Carpenter - Networked Insights

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Listen to Jonny Carpenter as he share his expertise in customer insights and how he guides brands through the challenges they face in gathering relevant, real-time insights about their customers. You don't want to miss this!

Jonny Carpenter -  Networked Insights
Jonny Carpenter - Networked Insights
Jonny Carpenter acquired an eclectic toolkit of marketing know-how with a strong discipline in brand strategy and consumer insights. After graduating in the top ten percent of his class at Southern Illinois University, he performed jobs in multiple marketing disciplines including media sales, product management, marketing strategy and analytics. His strong marketing and project management competencies has allowed Jonny to become incredibly capable of diagnosing business problems and providing viable solutions. You can read about them in 1 of his many books. His recent titles include The Hard Thing About the Hard Things, Brand Media Strategy, Inspired, Made to Stick, Contagious, How Brands Grow and Big Data.

Networked Insights enables brands to connect with and expand their opportunity audiences. Utilizing Kairos the company analyzes and organizes real-time consumer data from the social web to uncover strategic, actionable insights. Kairos helps brands deeply understand their opportunity audiences, create content that connects with them, choose the right media investments, and track the connectedness of those audiences. Learn more at and follow @netinsights.

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Digital & Social Media Analytics
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