IoT Protection & Infringement Issues

IoT Protection & Infringement Issues

taught by Amir Azaran - Loeb & Loeb

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The technology underlying the Internet of Things (IoT) was a futurist’s dream a decade ago, but IoT is here today, and it presents incredible and exciting opportunities. Before entering the fray as an inventor or entrepreneur, however, it is important to understand the legal components involved, to help avoid potentially costly errors. This video presentation will help explain the web of potential legal pitfalls associated with implementing IoT, including technology licensing issues and use of open source software.

Amir Azaran -  Loeb & Loeb
Amir Azaran - Loeb & Loeb

Amir Azaran is a member of Loeb & Loeb's Advanced Media and Technology practice group. He is an experienced transactional attorney with a focus in technology and licensing matters, including transactions involving software licensing, cloud computing, mobile applications, e-commerce, software and hardware. Attorney Azaran has significant pre-law experience as a mechanical engineer and systems administrator, enabling him to quickly grasp the key aspects of a transaction, communicate productively with personnel at all levels of a client’s organization, and craft practical solutions that help bridge disagreements, achieve clients’ objectives, and close deals with a high degree of efficiency.

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