Learn How To Profitably Price Your Product

Learn How To Profitably Price Your Product

taught by Arnold Kasemsarn

Course description

Are you trying to figure out how to price your product but not sure where to start? Are you losing sleep worrying about leaving "MONEY" on the "DEAL" table?

Then this video is for you! Learn How To Profitably Price Your Product will introduce you to developing strategies to differentiate your product or service to get positive profits. Our Guest Speaker, Arnold Kasemsarn, is a Marketing & Pricing Consultant & will cover the following topics:

  • What Costs To Include
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Consumer Willingness To Pay
  • Estimating Customer Value
Arnold  Kasemsarn
Arnold Kasemsarn

Arnold Kasemsarn has worked on pricing and cost estimation issues for the past 14 years in the public and private sector and in industries ranging from telecommunications to pharmaceuticals, web site technology services, and transportation services. He has negotiated contract terms between Fortune 500 companies; assessed production, logistics, and operation costs in health care, automotive, and public agencies. He holds an MBA in Marketing and Supply Chain Management from Purdue University and a Master of Urban Planning and Public Policy in Transportation Planning from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Course Curriculum

Learn How To Profitably Price Your Product
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