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Trademarks & Branding

taught by Andrea Hence Evans - Andrea Hence Evans, LLC

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Check out this informative video that'll explain why for a startup, intellectual property is often the most valuable asset. Yet, IP isn't just about patents and inventions. It can also include your brand assets — everything from the company name to the logo and product tagline. Tune in for more details!

Andrea Hence Evans -  Andrea Hence Evans, LLC
Andrea Hence Evans - Andrea Hence Evans, LLC

Andrea Hence Evans, Esq. launched the intellectual property law practice, The Law Firm of Andrea Hence Evans, LLC. Attorney Evans career path is unique since she worked at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for 5 years as both a patent examiner and a trademark examining attorney after graduating from law school.

While working as a Trademark Examining Attorney, she examined all types of trademarks including design marks, word marks, Madrid applications, and configuration trademark applications to determine eligibility for registration on the Principal or Supplemental Register. This examination included conducting a search using the USPTO automated search tools to determine whether the applicant’s mark was similar to prior pending applications and also whether the goods or services were closely related to registrant’s such that there is a likelihood of confusion as defined under Trademark Act Section 2(d). Extensive legal research was also conducted to determine whether or not the applicant’s proposed mark was descriptive, misdescriptive, a surname, geographically descriptive or geographically misdescriptive as defined under Trademark Act Sections 2(e)(1), 2(e)(2), 2(e)(3) and 2(e)(4), respectively.

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Patents & Trademarks 103
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